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How does it work?


Here is a series of questions and answers
that will make you understand how Frontemare Parking works

FRONTEMARE PARKING has an electronic entry, exit and payment system and is accessed using a personal MAGNETIC CARD.

Using this card you can enter, and leave at anytime, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and simply pay at the electronic box, which, will calculate the fee based on the hours you stayed and the rate during that period.

The tranche is 12 H.

The card is issued by filling out an entry form at the information booth inside FRONTEMARE PARKING, or by calling: 370 1345541.

The camper will be immediately surveyed and entered into our database.

Within the site there are 150 pitches, regardless of the size of the camper.
For this information we ask that you download our detailed regulations! 🙂

Scarica il regolamento
– Loading / unloading water

– Separated rubbish collection

– Video surveillance

– Fenced off area

– Playground and free body fitness trail.

– Electricity hook up points and showers with hot water

Rates vary according to season:

Up until 31 May: 4 EUR daily (promotional price)

June: 6 EUR daily

July: 8 EUR daily

August: first week 10 Euros per day, second and third week 12 Euros per day, final week 10 euros per day

Sure! :-), The important thing is to respect the rules:

It is prohibited to allow dogs to run free without a leash or muzzle. They must not be seen to be aggressive or harassing and must be kept under surveillance within the assigned pitch; the owner must also obtain the correct bag and scoop to clean up after the pet and please, encourage him or her not to carry out these calls of nature in the vicinity of other campers at meal times.

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