Underpasses and our camper heights: some Helpful Tips

Dear Travelers,

Summer is back, hot as well! However we are lucky to be here, at the sea, with the same old friends and happy to add new ones among our circles.

This year has been a difficult year, perhaps harder than the last one. And that’s why we deserve it, you deserve a relaxing holiday! In this regard, I collected a few requests for information regarding “how to reach us”.

There is nothing worse than to follow the navigator and be in front of a subway … low, too low for our camper… Google is very smart, but sometimes it fails … Especially when it comes to heights which, alas, are not calculated precisely.

And that’s why this post was born: to avoid the discontent and anger that sometimes all these technologies create!

Porto Sant’Elpidio is a nice town, with a beautiful sea and good weather. But it is divided in two by the railway. And there are a lot of underpasses. But only 2 of them are high enough to allow the passing of campers.

The first one, located to the north of “Frontemare Parking”, is in Via Canada.

Here the coordinates and the map:

43.27141798506589, 13.752364387146356

The second, slightly to the south, is the nearest exit of the A 14 and is located in Via Pesaro.

Below pointing you to the coordinates and the map:

43.24827510405692, 13.765482289017287

I hope it was useful.

Have a nice stay!